We’re not changing what you do.

We’re just making it simpler, faster and more awesome.

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Let's face it, the industry and economy isn’t getting any easier.

Margins seem to be getting smaller and smaller, and expenses keep on rising - it's crazy out there. If you don’t find technology to help you scale and become more productive, you may need to find a new hobby.

The Marketplace was built with IT resellers in mind

The platform has been created by a team with a combined experience of over 100 years in the IT industry of over 100 years, working both in the distributor and reseller space.

During that time we have all sold every conceivable hardware brand and software solution to big and small commercial companies throughout the country. So when we look at the typical IT reseller business today and understand how they source products that their customers are looking for, how they quote the customer and how they eventually order, we see the same thing.

We know the difficulty in calling and emailing every distributor to get the best price and to confirm if there's stock. All this time could be spent advising your customer on the latest technology or providing services. While you are looking for the best price, your customer is looking for someone else to help. Now you can quote quicker and more efficiently - all you need is an internet connection.

The Marketplace

Cloud based platform to help you achieve success

The marketplace integrates into all major suppliers throughout South Africa.

Our technology does the heavy lifting for you, the custom built in algorithm automatically queries all the distributors for the best price and stock availability of over 450 000 IT and office products available in South Africa. No more waiting for pricing. No more waiting for someone to get back to you. Take control of your business.

The Marketplace

It’s the solution to help you close more deals. Fact.

We don't add any margin on your pricing, no rebates, nothing hidden, the price you see is your price from your supplier.

By using The Marketplace you can now find what you are looking for, create a quote and then place the order in less than 20 seconds (Premium Version). The best thing is that you don’t need to change the way you run your business, you still own your customer and you still work with your suppliers. We are just making it ten times easier than ever before. For more information on how The Marketplace can work for you, please get in contact with us.

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