The only solution that integrates directly into your suppliers to provide real-time price and stock availability of everything they sell.

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Quick Quote

Quick Quote
  • Instant quotes with accurate price and stock availability
  • All your suppliers’ stock to quote against
  • Add your margin to the quote
  • Supplier price being displayed is per your agreement with each supplier
  • Quotes are saved directly to your Quote dashboard
  • Quotes created virtually instantly
  • Create quotes from previous quotes
  • Create quotes in your customer meetings

Full product descriptions

Quick Quote

All the product detail you need
Our system is able to match different and the same products from different suppliers to give you a single product view. We create and source all the content for you. So you don’t have to try and figure out what your customer is looking for.

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Rich data for you and your customer
We are always working hard to add more images, more selling guides and more technical detail, we have even created a hyper link in your quotes for customers to get quick access to more information on the product they're requesting.

Quick Quote

Use product filters to find what you need
In the search results you can filter by attributes to help you find even more options for your customers, no matter the category.

Quick Quote

Upsell and add related accessories or products
Increase order value. Each product has a list of related or link accessories and products that you can add to your quote without having to go searching for them. We’ve attached them already to make it easy to add to any quote.

Personalised Quoting

  • Use our quote templates to create professional looking quotes
    We have an easy to setup quote template that will allow you to create personalised quotes, with your company details, company logo and message created by you. Including all the necessary terms and conditions.
  • Email templates
    The Marketplace allows you to edit and personalise your quote email for every quote you create with a standard message or with an individually crafted message. This allows you to continue to have a very intimate and personal relationship with your customer.
  • Web pages with full product details
    The Marketplace provides a hyperlink of each sku for your customer to get additional product information directly in the quote. This added feature allows your customer to go beyond the single product title in the quote and get a richer more meaningful experience.

Quick Quote

Find the best deal

  • Find and compare cost prices
    A product from many different suppliers is listed as one item in The Marketplace. Hence you can see who is offering the best deal and who has any stock. Compare and evaluate in one place without any need to have to call or mail anyone ever again.
  • Negotiate with your suppliers
    Work on the quote – revise cost prices, add notes per product, choose suppliers to base margins on, create revisions to substitute items and more. You're in full control of your cost and pricing. The Marketplace gives you the visibility to get the very best deal for you and your customer.

Set your own profit margins

  • Quickly set your mark up
    With Quick Quote you're in full control of your profit margins. You can add a mark-up per line item or in bulk across the entire quote. You can even choose between adding a percentage or a fixed rand value. The system then updates everything automatically for you. No matter how many line items you have in your quote.
  • Visibility of how much you make
    Your gross profit and mark up are displayed as a percentage and in actual Rands on the quote creation page and update automatically even as you change prices, change suppliers or change quantities. It’s really the easiest way to create a quote out there.

Quick Quote

Quote pipeline dashboard

  • View all your quotes
  • Supplier pricing updated
  • Profitability tracking
  • Full audit trail
  • Quote management

Quick Order

  • Easiest way to order
    You can now place an order without even creating a quote if you like. Simply use the, add to order or Quick order function and you’ll be amazed at how the system scans and easily finds you the best available price. You can place one order from multiple suppliers for an unlimited number of products.
  • Order integration
    Our larger distribution partners have integrated into the Marketplace to be able to take your orders and seamlessly take that data to automatically create a picking slip in their warehouses. No more waiting for distribution to capture and recapture info. It all automated now. Stock can now be picked in under 15 minutes.
  • Track orders from all suppliers
    The Marketplace Order dashboard lets you track the status of your orders, from received to dispatched and every step along the way. Single purchase orders to multiple suppliers can easily be managed with the ability to match orders to quotes and customers.

Quick Quote

Quick Quote

Automated order processing

  • Automated ordering
    Convert your quotes to orders in 1 click and get the orders automatically fulfilled, with order status and tracking fed back to the Marketplace, so you know exactly what’s happening with the orders.
  • Automatically record product serial numbers
    Once ordered and delivered, information for asset tracking and service calls, like serial numbers, will be provided so you can track and grow your services business.
  • End-to-end efficiency
    The Marketplace provides a single place to manage your entire sales organisation making you and your team more efficient and more productive which translates into more sales.

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